About This Blog

Funny how the Lord works.  How He puts an idea into your head a little piece at a time until it all comes together in a wonderful way.  I've felt that recently.  This new blog is one of the pieces in the puzzle.  Or maybe it's where I was being led all along.

It began with the newest edition of the Ensign magazine, September 2010.  I read an article on using the manual Preach My Gospel as a personal scripture study tool.  I had just finished the Book of Mormon again, and I was wondering where to take my scripture study next.  I thought that would be a great idea.  So, I brought it up to my room and started.

One of the suggestions in the manual is to keep a study journal.  I liked that idea.  I already have a notebook I use for recording spiritual impressions as they come to me, and I thought I could expand its function and use it.  Then, a couple of things happened: My husband was preparing a Sunday School lesson on missionary work, and I read another article in the Ensign about sharing the gospel through the internet.  The impact of all of these things -- the articles, my discussions with my husband, my reading in Preach My Gospel -- led me to the idea of using a blog as my scripture journal.

These are private thoughts that are important and precious to me, but I am willing to share them publicly.  I do so hoping that some of my insights touch your own heart, make you think, help you feel the love of the Lord as I have, and strengthen your faith, whatever it may be.