Thursday, December 9, 2010

Power In Christ

Alma 17

I've read these chapters many times, delighting in the stories of the great missionary, Ammon.  I wondered if there would be anything new for me to find in it this time.  Silly me, of course there is, because I come to the stories with different needs.

As Ammon faces the enemies, who are numerous, who try to scatter the flocks of the king, I am reminded of my own enemies that threaten my serenity and peace of mind, that try to place me at odds with my eternal King. 

By the power of Christ, Ammon was able to defeat every man who tried to harm him.  As they raised up their arms to smite him with their clubs, he smote off their arms with his sword.  He cut them off at the source of their power, rendering them harmless.

I, too, can turn to Christ to give me power to cut off my enemies at the source of their power, at the very beginning when they raise their weapons against me.  I come unto Him humbly, offering a broken heart and a contrite spirit, making myself worthy to receive the promptings of His Spirit.  Then, He will strengthen me, guide me, refresh me against evil.

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